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Head Ultrasound An ultrasound of the head uses ultrasound waves (which are not radiation) to get an image of the brain. This can be done easily in babies and young children with an open fontanel (soft spot). rnrnThis is similar to the ultrasound done during pregnancy in which the transducer is placed with gel on the abdomen.rn
CT scan A CT scan is performed in a larger machine, with radiation going through the body. The radiation dose is relatively low, and the imaging is superior for bone and solid structures.
MRI brain / MRA brain scan An MRI is also done in a large machine, but does not involve radiation. This may take a little longer than a CT study, and children may need sedation to hold still during the test. It is very noisy, and could cause claustrophobia, so sedation helps to keep the child still despite these discomforts.

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